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Ensemble Designs Debuts Bi-Directional DualPath Signal Multiplexing at IBC 2016

15 July 2016

Ensemble Designs will debut DualPath Signal Multiplexing at IBC 2016 in Amsterdam. DualPath carries two video signals in a single channel’s bandwidth. Add a second live camera feed from a News OB, or carry two cameras back from a remote venue. DualPath delivers the two, independent signals back to the studio. They are genlocked and timed, ready to take to air.

NXT Encoders RTMP Streaming Debut at IBC

15 July 2016

Ensemble Designs announces the addition of RTMP streaming protocols to its NXT line of H.264 MPEG Encoders. Ensemble will be demonstrating this important capability at IBC 2016 in Amsterdam.

Ensemble Designs NXT Encoders Stream with Wowza

15 July 2016

Ensemble Designs demonstrates live Web Streaming in partnership with Wowza Media Server and Online Streaming Service at IBC 2016 in Amsterdam. With the addition of RTMP to the NXT 450 and 445, users can now stream directly to both the Wowza enterprise and cloud systems.

Up-Down-Cross-Conversion Comes To Ensemble Designs Compact Router

10 June 2014

“This is a game changer,” said David Wood, CEO and Chief Design Engineer with Ensemble Designs. “Now, various formats of high definition and standard definition content can be converted to a common format and routed seamlessly to HDMI and SDI destinations. Standard definition sources can now be up converted to high definition as part of the routing process, as well as cross converting from one HD format to another. Just select an output format and route whatever SMPTE broadcast resolution source you have to that destination.”

Ensemble Designs Wins Three Prestigious Awards At NAB

17 April 2014

“We are very proud that the industry has recognized our products as among the best shown at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention. There are literally thousands of products on display at this event, and to have two selected as Best of Show coming from Ensemble Designs is a real honor, and speaks loudly as to the quality of the products we’re manufacturing,” said David Wood, President and Chief Design Engineer at Ensemble Designs.

Multiviewer Magic 2.0 Debuts at NAB

5 March 2014

The all new Multiviewer Magic 2.0 delivers an offline mode for creating screen layouts, alarms for ensuring signal integrity, new fast authoring tools with eye dropper and paste functions, closed caption support, and countdown clocks. Also new are independent Edit and Control modes…

Ensemble Designs Ships BrightEye NXT SDI/HDMI Clean Switch Routers

19 November 2013

Ensemble Designs announced today that it has begun shipments of its BrightEye NXT family of compact routers – the BrightEye NXT 410, BrightEye NXT 415, and the BrightEye NXT 430. The innovative routing systems, about the size of a club sandwich, provide clean and quiet switching of SDI, HDMI and Fiber Optic sources.

Flexible, Efficient Routing

7 November 2013

We recently used the Avenue Flexible Matrix Router for the great Formula One event, the Grand Prix de Monaco, and for the Monte Carlo Tennis Open. At high-end events such as these, our customers rely on us to provide an outstanding turnkey equipment solution. The systems we provided were centered around the Ensemble Designs Avenue Flexible Matrix Router, a very cost effective and flexible video routing solution.

Ensemble Designs Introduces New BrightEye Mitto Pro 2 Scan Converter

30 May 2013

“One of the benefits of manufacturing everything here at our factory in Grass Valley is that we can continually upgrade our process to take advantage of changes in technology, parts availability, and discounted hardware. That allows us to pass those savings on…

Ensemble Designs Introduces New Multiviewer at NAB

3 April 2013

“You can even use your iPad to setup this new mulitviewer,” exclaimed David Wood, President and Chief Design Engineer at Ensemble Designs. “Configuration is very intuitive with the click-to-fill function and snap-to grids. Sources are always…

Ensemble Designs New High-Resolution Support for Scan Converters at ISE

28 January 2013

“Events, presentation and military customers have been asking us to support 1920×1200 because they need to scan convert a variety of images at the best resolution possible,” said Mondae Hott, Director of Sales at Ensemble Designs. “The BrightEye Mitto’s 3 Gb/s output has been extremely popular in miliary installations.”

Ensemble Designs Honored with STAR Award at IBC

14 September 2012

STAR awards are given to interesting new products that help a user save money or accomplish a task in an easier way,” said Mark Hallinger, editor of TV Technology Europe…

Ensemble Designs Chosen by Sky Italia for use at Olympics

13 June 2012

Ensemble Designs Avenue and BrightEye signal processing equipment has been chosen for use at the Olympics by Sky Italia. Avenue audio embedders and frame synchronizers will play a key role in the Sky Italia signal processing chain.

New DVI/VGA Auto-Sensing for the Mitto Scan Converter

13 June 2012

Ensemble Designs will debut two new features to its BrightEye Mitto family of high-end scan converters at the infoComm Show Mitto now automatically senses DVI and VGA resolutions and sets the scan conversion process accordingly.

Ensemble Ships HDMI to SDI Converter

1 June 2012

“Now people can use just one box, instead of two, to get from HDMI to fiber,” said Robert Nunez. “And the BrightEye 83-F also reports back on any validity issues with HDCP or with format, which is really nice.”

New Layering Engine Featured at infoComm 2012

27 April 2012

Ensemble Designs will feature a new Layering Engine for use in presentation and live events. The new Layering Engine, part of Ensemble Designs’ Avenue signal integration system, will be demonstrated at the infoComm Show in Las Vegas, June 13-16, 2012, in Ensemble Designs’ booth C4820.

‘Deadliest Catch' producer enthralls SMPTE audience

20 March 2012

Doug Stanley talked about designing the extreme conditions camera packages for “Deadliest Catch,” “Ice Road Truckers,” “Black Gold,” and “Lobsterwars,” which was of great interest to the many engineers in the room. He described life aboard a fishing vessel and the challenges of climbing over frozen fish in inclement weather in order to get the best camera shot.

Ensemble Smooths HD Transition

13 February 2012

Our next phase in the transition to high-definition operations involves our 1080i network feed. Ensemble Designs is providing signal processing equipment for this project, including DVB-ASI signal processing and analog-to-digital converters.

IBC stand prompts Amsterdam contract

12 September 2011

…“I wanted to know how Ensemble could make just a small portion of the computer screen full-screen HD with such good quality,” said Jaap Tuyp, technical manager of the AVC at University of Amsterdam

Three New Scan Converters For Use in Boardrooms, Military and Classrooms

7 June 2011

“The introduction of these new scan converters is a direct result of customer requests,” said Mondae Hott, Director of Sales at Ensemble Designs. “We’re responding to what people asked us for. Now they can choose the perfect scan converter for their video facility, whether it’s a boardroom or a military installation.”

Ensemble to Demonstrate Award Winning Router at infoComm

6 June 2011

“This is the first router that actually shows the content of the signals in the router matrix,” said Cindy Zuelsdorf, Markteting Czar at Ensemble Designs. “It’s so convenient to be able to see the sources right on the front panel.”

Ensemble Designs Honored With Two Prestigious NAB Awards

18 April 2011

Ensemble Designs was honored with both the Broadcast Engineering and TV Technology awards at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas last week. Both awards were presented for Ensemble’s new flexible matrix video router which is for use in broadcast television stations and high-end video facilities.

iPhone Video to HD SDI for Breaking News

28 March 2011

“We are using the Mitto Scan converter for ingesting web content for our daily news shows,” said Efi Dilmoni, V.P. Of Engineering and Technology, at Channel 10 and News 10 in Israel. “We are extremely happy with the functionality and quality.” Ensemble Designs is featuring a new iPhone to HD…

Fundraiser for SMPTE Today - Cookbook Debut

21 February 2011

Folks asked for our recipes so frequently that we thought we’d better make a cookbook and share some of our favorite, original culinary creations. Today, 21 February 2011, we’re debuting our new cookbook, “Cafe Ensemble: Favorite Recipes From Ensemble Designs.” Half the proceeds from cookbooks sold at tonight’s SMPTE meeting will go to SMPTE. For those who can’t make the meeting, the cookbook can be purchased on our online store.

SMPTE at Ensemble on 21 Feb 2011

14 September 2010

The annual SMPTE meeting at Ensemble Designs will be held Monday 21 February 2011. Both the dinner and speakers will be memorable. John Donvan of ABC/s NightLine and veteran videographer Joe Biscotti will be talking about the role of technology in broadcast journalism – how the technology shapes the way the story is told, and how the environmental, political, and practical needs of the journalists have shaped the technology. And we’re honored to have SMPTE’s own Barbara Lange here with news from the headquarters in New York.

Ensemble Kit Takes Telenorba HD

13 September 2010

Italian broadcaster Telenorba is investing in Ensemble Designs’ Avenue signal processing equipment to help it migrate to HD. The deal includes upconverters, sync-pulse generators, audio embedders, and bypass protection switches.

Ensemble Handles Olympic Video

11 September 2010

Last month’s Youth Olympic Games in Singapore saw Ensemble Designs’ BrightEye Mitto hard at work converting video feeds.

Ensemble Designs' Mitto Takes iPhone® Video to HD SDI for Broadcast News

2 September 2010

Ensemble Designs is debuting an interface to take iPhone and iPad video to HD for use in television stations and news facilities. The new iPhone interface to the BrightEye Mitto Scan Converter will be demonstrated at the International Broadcasters Convention in Amsterdam, 10-14 September 2010 on stand 8.B91.

Halk TV Selects Ensemble Designs for Digital Upgrade

10 July 2010

When Halk TV in Ankara, Turkey decided to convert their entire station, including their famed news operations, from analog to digital, they went with Ensemble Designs video and audio signal processing equipment.

Language Barrier

1 July 2010

To let international attendees at the 2009 National Association of Broadcasters Show know that it had staffers who spoke their language, Ensemble Designs Inc. dedicated one aisle-side wall in its exhibit to a world map.

Ensemble Designs' Automatic Audio Level Control Provides Easy Fix for Programs, Commercials

7 June 2010

Television viewers are all too familiar with audio level changes that occur between various programs and commercials. A commercial comes on and is suddenly so loud that the viewer scrambles for the TV remote to turn down or mute the audio. A simple solution, LevelTrack is installed in the TV station and corrects mismatched audio levels based on audio history and on user settings such as attenuation and attack time.

See a short video demo here

Ensemble Designs Shows New Way to Take YouTube™, Skype™ Video to Air for HD and SD SDI Use

7 June 2010

BrightEye Mitto provides an elegant means for taking computer video to air. Material such as YouTube video, weather radar, viewer emails and websites can be output to SD, HD or 3 Gb/s serial digital video. The first units have shipped and are being used in broadcast television stations in the U.S., Asia and New Zealand. BrightEye Mitto received the notable Pick Hit Award from Broadcast Engineering at the IBC exhibition.

See a short video demo here

Ensemble Keeps KEYE-TV Signals Flowing

2 May 2010

KEYE-TV’s central equipment room is constructed around Ensemble Designs equipment. We have 45 frames that contain some 350 cards, all of which are networked together. We have had unbelievable success with our Ensemble equipment and are very pleased with our decision to become an Ensemble customer.

Ensemble Designs Wins Two Awards at NAB 2010

17 April 2010

TV Technology Magazine gave its respected STAR Award (Superior Technology Award Recipient) to Ensemble Designs for the BrightEye 72 Video Converter…Broadcast Engineering Magazine awarded its prestigious NAB Pick Hit Award for the BrightEye 57 Sync Pulse and Test Signal Generator….

See a short video demo here

14 Product Announcements for NAB

11 April 2010

New for NAB 2010, Ensemble Designs has fourteen product announcements… Avenue 9600 16 Ch Audio Mux/Demux/Data Inserter, 9550 3G / HD / SD Video Processor and Frame Sync…

TFWM - An Interview with Cindy Zuelsdorf

5 April 2010

…working with multiple audio channels may, for example, find Spanish on channels 3/4 and Ukrainian on 7/8 and need to adjust channels. Ensemble’s BrightEye audio disembedders provide…

TV Technology - An Interview with David Wood, President and Chief Design Engineer

23 March 2010

…Other things you should know about Ensemble Designs? We really like to make things. We build our products ourselves — with state-of-the-art electronic surface mount assembly equipment. And we like to cook, so a few years ago we built a full kitchen and dining room. We welcome visitors — come by for a tour and lunch!

New for NAB: Dolby Encoding for Broadcast

22 March 2010

New for NAB 2010, Ensemble Designs is introducing the 7630 Dolby E Encoder and 7615 Dolby E Decoder as part of the Avenue signal integration system for broadcasters.

Sooners Serious About Signal Conversion

26 June 2009

“We were in the middle of a live show on a hot summer day when the air-con quit. The Avenue equipment was…” Chris Turner talks about the TV facility at Univ of OK, Barry Switzer Center and doing uplinks with MSNBC .

Ensemble Designs Announces Complete 3 Gb/s Signal Processing Line for Broadcast

21 April 2009

For broadcasters and mobile trucks looking to future-proof their installations, the 9400 3 Gb/s Signal Generator and Test Signal (Test Pattern) Generator offers every signal needed for a complete house reference system. For facilities using 3G the issue of monitoring the signal becomes a challenge. The BrightEye 72 is a 3G/HD/SD SDI digital to analog video converter with an HDMI confidence monitor out that provides…

Make Audio Levels Consistent Between Program Sources

21 April 2009

Ensemble Designs announced today that it will introduce its new LevelTrack™ Audio AGC (Automatic Gain Control) system designed to correct mismatched audio levels between different program sources or segments within a program. Mismatched audio level errors between different program sources is regrettably common due to inconsistencies between different providers and program…

New MPEG Transport Stream Analysis and Conversion

19 April 2009

“Verifying the health of a 310M stream can be a challenge but we have a convenient, affordable way for broadcasters to check PIDs and PMTs for all of their transport streams,” said Mondae Hott…

28 Product Announcements for NAB09

18 April 2009

Ensemble Designs today announced that it will introduce the 4500 MPEG Transport Stream Processor for translating DVB-ASI to SMPTE 310M in broadcast and satellite applications. The MPEG Transport Stream Processor and 27 other announcements will be highlighted at booth #N4023 at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention held April 20-24 in Las Vegas.

TV Technology writes about our NAB09 product introductions

10 April 2009

Ensemble Designs will show many products at the 2009 NAB Show, including its new LevelTrack Audio AGC, 4500 MPEG Transport Stream Processor…also displaying the 9400 3G Signal Generator and Test Signal Generator at NAB, as well as a new HD…

Broadcast Engineering writes about our new MPEG Processor

10 April 2009

Ensemble Designs will introduce the 4500 MPEG Transport Stream Processor for translating DVB-ASI to SMPTE 310M in broadcast and satellite applications… Transmission facilities often have both 310M and ASI signals and need a way to convert and monitor those streams.

Ensemble Designs Brings 11 New Broadcast Products to IBC

11 September 2008

BrightEye 72 provides HD or SD digital to analog video conversion with the full range of analog output formats available for SD, 1.5 Gb/s HD and 3 Gb/s HD…Four new products for test signal generation and sync pulse generation will be featured at IBC including the BrightEye 57 SPG/TSG…

Nutmeg Audio Post Relies on Ensemble Designs for Reference

8 August 2008

When Nutmeg Audio Post made the leap to HD, the engineering team designed a solid reference infrastructure as the foundation to the facility upgrade…Ensemble Designs Avenue equipment is at the center of reference signal generation…

BrightPak Featured at InfoComm

18 June 2008

The new units will be on display at booth N6307 at the InfoComm…BrightPak was first used for news acquisition at the White House…

Press Release: Ensemble Palm-Sized Downconverter Now Shipping

16 August 2007

“A couple of key customers asked for a downconverter with analog audio outputs and so we decided to introduce the BrightEye 92-A. We just started shipping last week and the responses have been great,” said Ms. Mondae Hott, Sales Director at Ensemble Designs. “The HDMI output has been a hit as well. OB users like using the HDMI out in the field for confidence monitoring.”

Starfish Promotes Non-Profits with Ensemble Designs

13 August 2007

“Ensemble’s customer support has always been “Grass Valley” style. If Grass Valley Group set the bar, then Ensemble exceeded it. Andy Carleton and I both had past experience with Ensemble. I’d used Ensemble gear at my post facility near San Francisco and had always been happy with the gear and the service”

Press Release: Ensemble Designs Announces BrightEye 92-A Palm-Sized HD Downconverter

7 June 2007

“We designed the BrightEye 90 series to be as flexible as possible so that customers can have access to virtually any signal needed, whether its SD SDI, HD SDI, HDMI, fiber or audio,” said David Wood, Chief Design Engineer and President of Ensemble Designs. “The 90 series fills a much-needed niche for facilities requiring compact, affordable, task-specific signal conversion solutions.”