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Halk TV Selects Ensemble Designs for Digital Upgrade

When Halk TV in Ankara, Turkey decided to convert their entire station, including their famed news operations, from analog to digital, they went with Ensemble Designs video and audio signal processing equipment.

Halk does live news everyday. They have agreements with several national and international news agencies. “The Avenue PC control system is very useful and flexible, especially when we are in a hurry to make adjustments during a live news show, said Mr. Mehmet Kilic, Technical Manager at Halk TV.

Halk Radyo TV A.S. has a production studio, news centre, OB van and MCR room. The entire system upgrade was planned, designed and installed by Idea Pro ltd in 2009. All of the infrastructure equipment is Ensemble Designs Avenue series products including ADAs, VDAs, SDI VDAs, embedders and deembedders, A/D and D/A converters , frame synchronizers, HD downconverters, SPGs and protection switches.

To ensuring Halk’s news and other programming stays on air, even if the main program feed fails, the SDI video program signal is fed to an Avenue 7455 failover switch. If for some reason the master line fails, the 7455 switches to the backup feed from the router so that the station continues to broadcast all of the time. The failover switch can be set to check for various parameters including freeze, audio, and black level.
“Our news is a forthcoming, reliable source of information regarding what is going on in Turkey and the world,” said Mr. Ismet Bayhan, General Manager at Halk TV. “We chose Ensemble Designs because we could rely on it for our news broadcasts.”

The master reference generator for the station is an Ensemble 7400. Reference signals from this unit feed every video and audio device in the TV station. A second 7400 card is used in conjunction with an Ensemble sync changeover to ensure a solid reference system in any event.

To handle get analog feeds into the router and switchers, Halk decided on the Ensemble’s 5330 A to D converters. Analog equipment is fed to the 5330 for conversion to SDI and timebase corrected when needed. Proc controls are also provided on the 5330 module allowing operators to adjust levels as needed. For quick adjustments, operators use either Avenue PC software or an Avenue Touch Screen to tweak a signal.

Stereo analog audio is used throughout the whole system. Prior to encoding, an Avenue 5600 analog to AES converter and audio embedder is used to embed audio into the SDI stream. That signal is fed to the Thompson encoder for satellite uplinking. A Scopus Metroethernet encoder feeds the cable networks.

Two Ross Crossover vision mixers were selected, one for the production switcher and the other for the MCR switcher. The monitor wall in master control is an Apantac system.

Ensemble frame syncs are used to bring external feeds into house. Frame syncs are in front of the router in order to deal with bringing wild feeds into house.

Since Halk needed monitoring, distribution and digital to analog conversion for their main signal path and for many of the router outputs, they chose the Avenue 5130 module to do all of the required signal processing. 

Avenue is an expandable, modular tray based signal integration system housed in a 1RU or 3RU frame. 3 Gb/s, 1.5 Gb/s HD video, SD video, analog, DVB-ASI and audio modules can be used together in the same frame. Built-in networking ties Avenue frames together, streamlining control and monitoring. All frames and modules in the system can be accessed from multiple locations in a facility, including remote locations via the internet. Signal management and control is achieved by using any combination of Avenue Control Panels, Avenue PC software or SNMP.


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