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Case Studies

Lake of the Ozarks Power Boat Race finds HDMI Solution with BrightEye NXT 410 Clean HDMI Router

Lake of the Ozarks Power Boat Race used the Ensemble Designs Bright Eye NXT 410 HDMI router to turbocharge the TriCaster Mini’s four-HDMI input hardware limitation. The router not only lived up to expectations, it also converted two outside HD-SDI inputs to its HDMI output going to a single TriCaster input. It brought to the number of active video sources routed to one HDMI input to five for a grand total of eight TriCaster live sources plus graphics and internal DDRs. The NXT 410 switched between its various sources seamlessly on the air.

Miami Dolphins Use BrightEye Mitto Pro For Troop Salute

Image of troops from Afghanistan via Skype and BrightEye Mitto Pro in Sunlife Stadium during a Miami Dolphins football game

Several times a season, the NFL chooses to highlight a cause to bring to the attention of a national audience. The NFL chose to highlight the work of US military personnel around the world in a Salute to Service promotion. The Miami Dolphins decided to display a live broadcast from Kandahar, Afghanistan on the video boards during halftime of one of the games. This broadcast would feature a live salute from the troops overseas along with cheers. The trick was to get the video from Afghanistan to the big screen – BrightEye Mitto Pro was the perfect solution.

WSU Uses BrightEye 90 For Fiber Optic Delivery

Dee Ana Bell Uses BrightEye 90 up/down/cross converter for fiber optic delivery of content for broadcast and satellite delivery

Bell was considering fiber optic solutions from a number of manufacturers when she learned about Ensemble Designs BrightEye 90-FA Up/Down/Cross Converter with Fiber Optic Output. The BrightEye 90-FA is a compact Up/Down/Cross Converter with built in frame sync, analog audio I/O and HDMI output. The fiber optic output which handles both single and multimode fiber connections allowed long-haul delivery across campus and to transmission and satellite uplink sites.

Why KTAS's Roy Keefer Swears by Ensemble Designs

Roy Keefer and Ensemble Designs gear at KTAS

Keefer was considering HD routing switchers from a number of manufacturers when he learned about Ensemble Designs newly introduced Avenue 9430 Flexible 3G/HD/SD router. The Avenue 9430 is an 8×2 router on a single module. Flexible input and/or output router expansion is possible by adding modules, and a clean switch option is…

Airborne ENG Systems by Geneva Aviation

Geneva Aviation, one of the world’s leading builders of airborne ENG systems, has made Ensemble Designs BrightEye modules a pivotal part of their helicopter-based ENG Systems. BrightEye provides the reliability and flexibility they need in this most demanding of applications.