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Lake of the Ozarks Power Boat Race finds HDMI Solution with BrightEye NXT 410 Clean HDMI Router

“I really appreciate all you and your company did to help us make LakeRace 2015 a success.” – Ned Soseman, KRMS EIC for Lake of the Ozarks Power Boat Race

Lake of the Ozarks Power Boat Race used the Ensemble Designs Bright Eye NXT 410 HDMI router to turbocharge the TriCaster Mini’s four-HDMI input hardware limitation. The router not only lived up to expectations, it also converted two outside HD-SDI inputs to its HDMI output going to a single TriCaster input. It brought to the number of active video sources routed to one HDMI input to five for a grand total of eight TriCaster live sources plus graphics and internal DDRs. The NXT 410 switched between its various sources seamlessly on the air.

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