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Check Out 4 Great HDCP Solutions from Ensemble Designs

BrightEye NXT 910

4 Channel HDMI/SDI Frame Sync with HDCP. Color Correction and Automatic Format and Frame Rate Conversion make the NXT 910 a great solution for Blu-Ray players, satellite receivers, GoPro’s and other HDMI devices.

BrightEye NXT 410-H

Compact Routing Switcher with HDMI and HD SDI Inputs and Outputs. Fully HDCP Compliant. Perfect cuts and dissolves between all sources. Format and Frame Rate conversion, too.

BrightEye 83-H

HDMI to HD SDI Conversion that’s HDCP Compliant

BrightEye Mitto Pro 2 with HDCP BEM-4-H

The Scan Converter that works with all sources – including HDCP!

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