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Application Notes with Tips on How to Use Your Ensemble Products

Multiviewer Configuration For up to 256 Sources
This App note describes how to set up the architecture of Ensemble Designs multiviewers to achieve up to 256 sources on a single display.

BrightEye Control Over Ethernet
Accessing your BrightEye from a variety of locations within the facility or from outside the facility via VPN can be accomplished by using a USB device server. The USB device server is a small box with an Ethernet connection on one end and…

Audio Metering
An Explanation of the Audio Display on the Output of the BrightEye 72 SDI to HDMI Converter

Is Your IRD Messing With You?
There has been a great deal of frustration dealing with HDCP on the HDMI output of an Integrated Receiver/Decoder (IRD). Even though stations or head ends have full rights… Download this app note for a simple work-around.

Using Scan Conversion for Character Generation
Here’s how to use Mitto and simple word processors or PowerPoint as a simple CG.

Scan Conversion for Interviews
Use Skype, iChat and Facetime in your production or live show.

Scan Conversion for iPhone and iPad
Convert video from your mobile device into SDI digital video.

Scan Conversion for Medical Applications
Nearly all medical devices have a 1080p digital output via DVI. Selecting a lesser resolution from the device in order to convert this signal to HD SDI, results in the loss of subtle color differences and gray scale necessary to accurately…

Scan Conversion for Military Applications
Use BrightEye Mitto to output detailed maps to 3 Gb/s HD video. Output full 1080p HD video at 3 Gb/s for maximum detail.

Scan Conversion for Presentations
Ideal for PowerPoint and Keynote.

Scan Conversion for Teleprompting
Use your BrightEye Mitto scan converter with applications such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to provide an effective teleprompting solution without breaking the bank.

Scan Conversion for Worship
Song lyrics and Skype from your computer to your congregation.