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Press Release: Ensemble Designs Helps Broadcasters to Move Light Years Ahead

Grass Valley, California – September 7, 2006
Ensemble Designs, Inc. has announced that its new line of Avenue optical products are shipping. Ensemble’s Intersection frame offers the perfect way for broadcasters to marry coax and fiber in the same installation.

“Our major customers, particularly in Italy and the U.S. have been asking us for a way to bring fiber into the Avenue product line,” said Ms. Mondae Hott, Sales Manager for Ensemble Designs. “Some of the large sports venues using Avenue have really benefited from the new optical I/O capabilities on our HD upconverters and cross converters.”

The Ensemble Avenue line is primarily used by broadcasters for signal processing, video conversion and audio embedding. The new Avenue Intersection frame accommodates ten fiber optic input or outputs modules that can be tied to any of the signal processing streams.

“The control system for Avenue stretches beyond the norm and brings alarms and adjustments to a whole new level,” said Hott. The PC control system and SNMP both provide ways to control and drill down into an installation, whether it’s local or on another continent.”

A TV station engineer who loved designing and building video equipment formed Ensemble Designs in 1989. The company has grown into a world renowned design and manufacturing company that has the pleasure of providing video and audio processing gear to broadcasters all over the world.