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Catch BrightEyes and more at BroadcastAsia2010

From Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Magazine 2010

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Ensemble Designs will be featuring the new BrightEye Mitto scan converter, BrightEye 72 video converter and LevelTrack Audio automatic level control at the Techtel booth 7C4-05. These new products are for use in TV broadcast, satellite production and postproduction facilities.

The company’s new scan converter, BrightEye Mitto, will be prominently featured at the show. BrightEye Mitto provides an elegant means for taking computer video to air. Material such as YouTube video, weather radar, viewer e-mails and websites can be output to SD, HD or 3Gbps serial digital video.

The region selected for output determines if Mitto will act as an upconverter or downconverter. Even a small part of the computer screen, such as a YouTube video, will be upconverted to full HD. The filters automatically adjust in accordance with the conversion being performed.

The first units have shipped and are being used in broadcast TV stations in the US, Asia and New Zealand.

Also featured will be a new converter that allows broadcasters to use off-the-shelf monitors for high-end broadcast applications. The BrightEye 72 converts a 3Gbps, HD or SD SDI video signal to a HDMI signal that can be fed into most consumer monitors.

Another product is the LevelTrack Automatic Audio Gain Control, which addresses the latest audio-compliance requirements for broadcasters to deal with mismatched audio levels between different programme sources, segments within a programme and commercial spots.


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