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Ensemble Announces New 3D Interface for Avenue Router

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 9 September 2011 – Ensemble Designs today announced a new 3D support interface for its Avenue Flexible Matrix Router. The router, gear toward use in broadcast and mobile, is being demonstrated at the International Broadcasters Convention in Amsterdam today through 15 September 2011 on Esnsemble’s stand 8.B91.

The Avenue Flexible Matrix router has great support for 3D applications in that a 3D left source and a 3D right source can be tied together inside the router. The router has a new, special Pairing configuration that ties inputs or outputs together to support signals such as Key & Fill, RGB444 Link A & B, or 3D Left & Right. Pairing associates a port to an existing Source or Destination assignment.

The Avenue router’s realtime video thumbnails travel over Ethernet to the Router Control Panel where they are displayed on a compact, high resolution display. Only ports configured as Sources and Destinations appear on the 1RU Roputer Control Panel, an iPad or web browser. The 3D sources and destinations each appear as a single selection or button. When a 3D source is routed to a 3D destination, the Left and Right halves are each be routed between the correct and corresponding Left and Right input/output ports.

The live video thumbnails displayed on the Router Control Panel and the iPad enable the operator to visually verify source content before performing any switching operations. Ethernet enables the panel to be used remotely, thousands of kilometers away from the main installation.

This new router has a flexible matrix design which allows the user to configure the precise number of inputs and outputs. The design is future-proof, allowing the router to be easily reconfigured to a different matrix size at any time that a TV station or post house needs to change or grow. If a facility has, for example, more sources than destinations, the router could be configured to meet that need.


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