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Ensemble Designs Wins Pick of Show Award at International Broadcasters Convention

Grass Valley, California, 1 October 2009 – Ensemble Designs was honored to be awarded Pick Hit of the IBC show by Broadcast Engineering for their new BrightEye Mitto HD Scan Converter. BrightEye Mitto is for use at television stations and provides a tool for taking video from the web to air. The BrightEye™ Mitto and seven other new products were introduced at the exhibition in Amsterdam.


“It was the best IBC exhibition we’ve ever participated in. We had a huge response from engineers who need a high-quality way to take YouTube™ material to air, to use it in a high-definition TV facility, said Cindy Zuelsdorf, Marketing Czar at Ensemble Designs. “TV stations are relying on web footage more and more for source material. I was demoing the unit constantly for the full five-day show.”

Mitto’s intuitive user interface allows the broadcaster to select a portion of the computer video display using just a mouse, and send it to air. The region selected for output determines if Mitto acts as an upconverter or downconverter. The filters automatically adjust in accordance with the conversion being performed.

“A broadcaster came to us and said they needed a superior quality scan converter, a way to take YouTube™ to air with the best possible quality. So we built a product for them,” said Mondae Hott, Director of Sales at Ensemble Designs. “When we brought the unit to the customer for testing they were completely amazed at how good the HD output looked.”

“Bringing progressive images from the desktop into the interlaced world of video used to be a compromise between sharp details versus interfield flicker,” said David Wood, President of Ensemble Designs. “The proprietary filtering we came up with satisfies both of these seemingly contradictory requirements. The result is that the output looks as good or better than the original material, which makes it useable in the most demanding broadcast facilities.”

A small stand-alone unit, the BrightEye Mitto, offers 1.5 and 3 Gb/s HD outputs. The genlock reference input allows the output to be timed to house. Analog or digital audio inputs provide for embedded audio on the output.

Mitto comes from the Latin root for transmit or send. Mitto is also the root word of uncompromising.

Based in Nevada City, California, Ensemble Designs is in their 20th year of business and is a leading provider of signal processing and infrastructure products to the professional broadcast industry. Customers include RAI, CBS News, NASA, Major League Baseball, Olympic Broadcast Organisation, Sky, ESPN and TVNZ.


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