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Viewer Complaints Over Audio Levels Stop at KEYE-TV With LevelTrack Audio Level Control

Grass Valley, California, 11 April 2010‚ Ensemble Designs will feature the new audio automatic level control for broadcaster at NAB 2010. LevelTrack Automatic Audio Gain Control addresses the latest audio compliance requirements for broadcasters to deal with mismatched audio levels between different program sources, segments within a program and commercial spots.

“The viewer complaints stopped after we started using Ensemble’s LevelTrack to automatically control audio levels for our Retro TV channel, said PL Laird, Engineering Technical Manager at KEYE-TV in Austin, Texas. “The best part about LevelTrack is that it is a software install, no changing out cards or re-wiring is necessary. It’s made my life easier because it is a ‘set it and forget it’ feature. It controls audio levels with no further intervention. It was an affordable way to control the audio levels on our Retro TV, now Telemundo, channel.”

LevelTrack corrects mismatched audio levels between different program sources or segments within a program. Errors of this type are regrettably common due to inconsistencies between different providers and program elements. Based upon the history in each channel, gradual changes are applied to prevent the audio level from dropping below or exceeding user programmable thresholds.

“It’s the best way to adjust audio levels and stay true to what the sounds engineer originally designed,” said Robert Nunez of Ensemble Designs. “Compression takes away from the audio content so we don’t compress the signal. This is better, it’s like having someone stand there for the whole program and turn the audio level knob in just the right way.”

By adjusting the overall level of the signal, rather than masking the errors with compression, LevelTrack will not upset the internal dynamics of the program material. LevelTrack is part of the Avenue Signal Integration System for broadcasters and can be used in conjunction with the 9600 sixteen-channel embedder and disembedder as well as other audio products from Ensemble Designs.

Based in Grass Valley, California, Ensemble Designs is in their 20th year of business and is a leading provider of signal processing and infrastructure products to the professional broadcast industry, and other government and commercial applications. Customers include RAI, CBS News, NASA, Major League Baseball, Olympic Broadcast Organisation, Sky, ESPN, The Moving Picture Company and TVNZ.


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