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Use Any Monitor for High-End Broadcast Applications

Grass Valley, California, 10 April 2010‚ At NAB 2010 on April 12 in Las Vegas, Ensemble Designs will feature a new converter that allows broadcasters to use off-the shelf monitors for high-end broadcast applications. The BrightEye 72 converts a 3 Gb/s, HD or SD SDI video signal to an HDMI signal that can be fed into most consumer monitors. The new BrightEye converter provides color correction and caption decoding, both of which are required in high-end video facilities.

“Everyone needs an affordable way to verify closed caption data for SD and HD signals,” said Cindy Zuelsdorf, Marketing Czar at Ensemble Designs. “Just about any HDMI monitor can now be used in a station or post house and do everything an engineer needs.” BrightEye 72 is a tool that enables broadcasters to verify 608 or 708 closed caption content.

BrightEye 72 has accepts an SD, HD, or 3 Gb/s video input signal and provides an HDMI output. The supplemental on-screen items are what make the BrightEye 72 especially useful in broadcast facilities. In addition to the video output, time code burn-in and Active Format Descriptor (AFD) presence are also indicated onscreen. Embedded audio can be verified with the on-screen audio meters. All sixteen channels are represented on-screen.

The built-in color corrector can be used in studio application where on-set monitors are used. On-set monitors are often seen on news and talk shows. When the lighting is set correctly for the talent, the on-set monitors often look incorrect to the home viewer. The BrightEye 72 can be used to feed the on-set monitor to correct the issue. The BrightEye’s color corrector is adjusted to make the on-set monitor appear in the proper color temperature to the home viewer.

Blanking intervals can be inspected with the Horizontal and vertical shift mode, providing a simple way for technical staff to look at ancillary data is presence. This is invaluable for checking the validity of a signal.

Front panel controls include: complete proc amp, built-in test signals for use in aligning the monitor, graticule, H/V pulse delay, on screen audio VU meters, time code burn in and open caption decoding. The built-in test signal generator offers a simple and reliable trouble-shooting tool for systems.

Based in Grass Valley, California, Ensemble Designs is in their 20th year of business and is a leading provider of signal processing and infrastructure products to the professional broadcast industry, and other government and commercial applications. Customers include RAI, CBS News, NASA, Major League Baseball, Olympic Broadcast Organisation, Sky, ESPN, The Moving Picture Company and TVNZ.


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