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IBC stand prompts Amsterdam contract

By Michael Burns with IBC Daily News

An eyecatching display on the Ensemble Designs stand at IBC last year led to the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) of Amsterdam upgrading its whole infrastructure from copper to fibre. AMC has selected signal-processing equipment from Ensemble, which allows connection between 24 operation rooms plus six college theatres.

“I was walking down the aisle at IBC2010 and the Ensemble Mitto caught my eye,” said Jaap Tuyp, technical manager of the AVC at University of Amsterdam. Tyup was in need of a device to take DVI or HDMI out of medical devices and convert to high detail, broadband video for the AMC and University. “I wanted to know how Ensemble could make just a small portion of the computer screen full-screen HD with such good quality.”

This encounter led directly to the upgrade project at the AMC, which is being installed this week. After trying out the Mitto scan converter in Amsterdam’s Telequipt facility, the AMC moved ahead with the installation of 12 Mitto scan converters for use with the University of Amsterdam medical broadcasts and programmes. The 3Gbps video outputs on the Mitto scan converters were critical for the system. The endoscopes and ultrasounds in use at the AMC are already compatible with 3G, and there is a move towards 3G for the whole facility to retain as much quality and as much detail as possible. The upgrade also involves more than 100 Ensemble BrightEye 46 and 48 fibre converters and BrightEye video converters.


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