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BrightEye NXT 430 and NXT 415 Compact Video Routers

BrightEye NXT 430 Compact Router from Ensemble Designs
  • Router for 3G, HD and SD SDI Video
  • Flexible I/O – You configure BNCs and SFPs as Inputs or Outputs
  • Clean Switching of Video and Embedded Audio
  • 13×2, 2×13 or Anything In Between
  • Front Panel and Web-Based Control
  • LCD Display with Realtime Full Motion Video of Your Sources
  • Built-in test signal generators
  • Compact and Rugged
  • Genlockable and Timeable
  • 5-Year Warranty and Free Software Upgrades

New 2.0

New dissolves and direct take transitions of HDMI as well as SDI sources, external control via TCP/IP or DB9 connector, and configuration and salvo memory registers. Available in April.

New Technology in SDI Video Routers

Introducing the BrightEye NXT 430 Compact Video Router for clean quiet switching of video and audio sources. No pops or glitches, just perfect switching between all of your cameras and sources. Your monitor will never go to black when switching between different sources!

The exclusive front panel LCD displays realtime full motion video of your router sources. Great for fly packs, ENG and anywhere you need a small SDI routing switcher, this new BrightEye has incredible power in a small, less than a half rack 1RU high by 1/3 RU wide footprint – small enough to hold in one hand.

Next Generation of BrightEye Products

The BrightEye NXT 430 Compact Video Router is the first of the new generation products in the BrightEye product line. This exciting new architecture, and stunning front panel design marks the beginning of a whole new family of BrightEye solutions for the video professional.

Use Asynchronous Sources

The BrightEye NXT 430 Video Router gives you two clean switched outputs. The router’s built-in clean switch provides full frame synchronization which means you can switch cleanly between asynchronous sources. Wild feeds from cameras, helicopters, and microwaves can be fed to the BrightEye Router for perfect switching.

If you don’t need clean switching, you may prefer the BrightEye NXT 415 Compact Video Router. The NXT 415 has all the capability of the 430, except for clean switched outputs.

Assignable I/O and Flexible Architecture

You get to configure the number of inputs and outputs; the configuration is changeable on the fly. There are 2 fixed input BNCs, 2 fixed output BNCs and 7 assignable BNCs that you configure either as inputs or outputs. The two SFP (small format pluggable) cages can be populated with dual SFPs that have fiber optic or other connectors, allowing you to determine the best connector for your installation. Adding SFPs gives you true flexibility in combining electrical BNC and fiber optic inputs and outputs.