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Ensemble Designs Debuts Bi-Directional DualPath Signal Multiplexing at IBC 2016

15 July 2016

Ensemble Designs will debut DualPath Signal Multiplexing at IBC 2016 in Amsterdam. DualPath carries two video signals in a single channel’s bandwidth. Add a second live camera feed from a News OB, or carry two cameras back from a remote venue. DualPath delivers the two, independent signals back to the studio. They are genlocked and timed, ready to take to air.

NXT Encoders RTMP Streaming Debut at IBC

15 July 2016

Ensemble Designs announces the addition of RTMP streaming protocols to its NXT line of H.264 MPEG Encoders. Ensemble will be demonstrating this important capability at IBC 2016 in Amsterdam.

Ensemble Designs NXT Encoders Stream with Wowza

15 July 2016

Ensemble Designs demonstrates live Web Streaming in partnership with Wowza Media Server and Online Streaming Service at IBC 2016 in Amsterdam. With the addition of RTMP to the NXT 450 and 445, users can now stream directly to both the Wowza enterprise and cloud systems.

IBC Debut for NXT 445 Streaming Encoder

2 September 2015

Ensemble Designs introduces the NXT 445 Streaming Encoder at IBC 2015. The New NXT 445 is a high quality, high profile, MPEG-4/H.264 Encoder with field installable option licenses – add functionality when you need it.

IBC Debut for 5835 NXT Router and Action Control Panel

2 September 2015

“This control panel puts the full power of any NXT Compact Router right at the operator’s fingertips. And the customizable presets can address any operational requirement. Because it’s networked, it can be used from any connected location” – David Wood, Chief Design Engineer, Ensemble Designs

NAB Debut for NXT 450 Clean Streaming Router

11 March 2015

The NXT 450 combines traditional SD/HD SDI inputs and outputs with high performance H.264 (MPEG-4) encoding and decoding.

Ensemble Designs Streams Into IBC

3 September 2014

Ensemble Designs is introducing a new model of its award winning BrightEye NXT line of Compact Routers. The BrightEye NXT 450 incorporates a high quality, high profile mpeg encoder/decoder to the already formidable feature set of the BrightEye NXT 430-X. Its advanced H.264 coding techniques give superb performance at low bit rates.

Up-Down-Cross-Conversion Comes To Ensemble Designs Compact Router

10 June 2014

“This is a game changer,” said David Wood, CEO and Chief Design Engineer with Ensemble Designs. “Now, various formats of high definition and standard definition content can be converted to a common format and routed seamlessly to HDMI and SDI destinations. Standard definition sources can now be up converted to high definition as part of the routing process, as well as cross converting from one HD format to another. Just select an output format and route whatever SMPTE broadcast resolution source you have to that destination.”

Ensemble Designs Wins Three Prestigious Awards At NAB

17 April 2014

“We are very proud that the industry has recognized our products as among the best shown at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention. There are literally thousands of products on display at this event, and to have two selected as Best of Show coming from Ensemble Designs is a real honor, and speaks loudly as to the quality of the products we’re manufacturing,” said David Wood, President and Chief Design Engineer at Ensemble Designs.

Cleanly Switch and Mix HDCP Content with New Router from Ensemble Designs

3 April 2014

The new BrightEye NXT 410-H Clean HDMI + HDCP Router supports clean and quiet switching of HDCP encrypted content to the HDMI output along side SDI and non-encrypted HDMI sources.

Ensemble Designs Shows New Mixing and Direct Take For BrightEye NXT 2.0 Routers

31 March 2014

“At the Daytona 500 for a specialty camera we needed to route and distribute three cameras to eight different paths, some which were switched,” said Jeff Silverman, President of Inertia Unlimited.“The BrightEye NXT Router was…

Multiviewer Magic 2.0 Debuts at NAB

5 March 2014

The all new Multiviewer Magic 2.0 delivers an offline mode for creating screen layouts, alarms for ensuring signal integrity, new fast authoring tools with eye dropper and paste functions, closed caption support, and countdown clocks. Also new are independent Edit and Control modes…

Increased Demand Drives Ensemble Deal with JB&A

23 February 2014

“We’re seeing a huge spike in interest around our new video routing switcher…JB&A said they’d be thrilled to take on the escalating demand…”

Ensemble Designs Showcases BrightEye NXT Router Integration with NewTek TriCaster at ISE

3 February 2014

“The tight interface between our BrightEye NXT Router and TriCaster makes life really easy for operators who want to use a lot of sources in a show or event, said Mondae Hott…

Ensemble Designs Ships BrightEye NXT SDI/HDMI Clean Switch Routers

19 November 2013

Ensemble Designs announced today that it has begun shipments of its BrightEye NXT family of compact routers – the BrightEye NXT 410, BrightEye NXT 415, and the BrightEye NXT 430. The innovative routing systems, about the size of a club sandwich, provide clean and quiet switching of SDI, HDMI and Fiber Optic sources.

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BrightEye NXT 430 Clean Router thumb
BrightEye NXT 430 Clean Router

BrightEye NXT 410 Clean HDMI Router thumb  Ensemble Designs
BrightEye NXT 410 Clean HDMI Router

BrightEye Mitto Scan Converter Family thumb  Ensemble Designs
BrightEye Mitto Scan Converter Family

BrightEye Mitto Pro 2 Scan Converter thumb  Ensemble Designs
BrightEye Mitto Pro 2 Scan Converter

Ensemble Avenue Multiviewer MV82 with iPad interface thumb
Avenue Multiviewer MV82

Ensemble Avenue Multiviewer MV82 board thumb
Avenue Multiviewer MV82

Ensemble Designs Avenue Video Router Routing Switcher Panel thumb
Avenue Flexible Matrix Router Control Panel

Ensemble Designs Avenue Signal Integration System Frames thumb
Avenue Signal Integration System

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