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Avenue P9400-4K Test Signal Generator

  • Flexible 4K/UHD Test Signal Generator
  • Genlock or stand-alone operation
  • Generates 30+ test signals
  • GPS option
  • Full 16 channels of audio embedding
  • Customizable patterns with user logos
  • Quad Link SQ or 2SI
  • 5-Year Warranty and Free Software Upgrades Forever


Flexible 4K/UHD Test Signal Generator

The P9400-4K SPG/TSG is a full featured Sync Pulse and Test Signal Generator supporting 4K/UHD standards, along with legacy SD and HD signals. Taking just two positions in an Avenue Frame, it’s the perfect solution for broadcast, post, MCR, and remote applications. Operate from internal precision reference, or lock to external reference or GPS. It includes support for AES, Analog, and Embedded audio; ATC, DVITC, VITC, and LTC time code; and CEA 708 Caption Testing. Quad Link outputs support Square Division (SQ) or Two Sample Interleave (2SI) sample distributions. Fully configurable through the Avenue control system.