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Avenue 1425 4K/UHD Layering Engine

  • Multi-layer keying and background transitions
  • Supports SQ and 2SI quad-link formats
  • Linear, luminance, and additive modes
  • Internal LogoStore
  • Built-in frame syncs on every input
  • Supports 16 channels of embedded audio
  • Channel branding, small master control, centralcasting, fly-pack, remote truck
  • Intuitive iPad interface and serial control
  • Hard surface operator control panel
  • 5-Year Warranty and Free Software Upgrades Forever


Layering Technology for 4K Broadcast, Live Venues and Presentation

Mix and Cut between 4K/UHD sources, key from external video or the built-in LogoStores. The 1425 makes it easy to work with quad-link signals, with support for both SQ (Square Division) and 2SI (Two Sample Interleave) pixel formatting.

Easy Control from Web, Control Panel or Automation

You have complete control over the configuration and operation of this powerful 4K layering engine with a web interface, operation control panel, TCP/IP and serial control.