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Avenue 1455 4K/UHD Protection Switch

  • Detects signal faults and switches automatically to back up path
  • Quad-link interface in SQ or 2SI format
  • Clean and quiet switch for 4K signals
  • Use for clean switching of asynchronous sources for critical, live feeds
  • Full frame synchronizer with adjustable delay
  • Quiet audio switching
  • Passes embedded audio
  • External genlock reference input
  • GPIs and TCP/IP for automation control
  • Fail-safe bypass in case of power failure
  • Local and remote control
  • Memory Registers
  • 5-Year Warranty and Free Software Upgrades Forever


Automatic Changeover for Critical Program Paths

4K Clean Switch That’s Glitch-Free

The Avenue 1455 ACO is a clean and quiet protection switch for critical 4K broadcast and satellite feeds. The 1455 uses sophisticated user-programmable parameters to detect signal failure in the primary or secondary quad-link inputs. In the event of a failure, the 1455 switches seamlessly to the backup – viewers downstream will never see the switch.