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Protection Switches

Stay on-air no matter what with a smart, bypass protection switch. Analyze and monitor your critical feeds, whether they are HD, SD, ASI or 310M.

New Clean and Quiet Protection modules switch to air perfectly, never a glitch or pop.

4445 Protection Switch Module for ASI and SMPTE 310 310M video signals in a broadcast television station

New Clean and Quiet Protection Switches

Your critical paths need a clean bypass protection switch. The new 9455 Avenue module switches cleanly between asynchronous sources which means it can be used live to air. The module has a full video frame synchronizer, rather than a line delay, ensuring perfect alignment of mis-timed and non-synchronous SDI sources. Feed the primary input with your program feed and the secondary input with a backup feed from a server, fiber or IP.

Glitch-free, quiet switching of embedded audio signals is achieved with the 9455’s precise synchronization and alignment of audio sources. Digital audio is de-embedded, and if it is linear PCM, sample rate converted, switched, and re-embedded. Encoded audio streams such as Dolby™ E are de-embedded
and re-embedded but not processed in any way. PCM audio is supported with asynchronous sources, operation of encoded audio requires all sources to be synchronous, but not necessarily in time.


The 7455 module is a fail-safe, bypass protection switch for critical digital paths for broadcast or satellite applications supporting SD SDI, HD SDI, SMPTE 310M and DVB-ASI signals. When a fault is detected in the primary input, and the secondary input is verified as good, the switch will activate, causing the secondary input to be switched to the module’s output. The 7455 includes a passive, fail-safe path that ensures there is an output even in the event of a total power failure.

Different types of signal testing (vetting) can be enabled on the 7455 and it will apply the tests according to the type of input that is present.

The health of a high definition or standard definition video signal is determined by monitoring crucial parameters in order of increasing complexity; Timing Reference Signal (TRS), or a persistent loss of digital sync is tested first. Black, Embedded Audio and Freeze are also evaluated. Each test can be configured by the user. For example, the sophisticated Black Detector includes configurable parameters for black level threshold, pixel count, and duration time. Or as another example, if a video freeze is detected, the user can determine the length of time the video is frozen before the protection switch is thrown.

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