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IBC Debut for 5835 NXT Router and Action Control Panel

GRASS VALLEY, CA, 1 September 2015 – Ensemble Designs, manufacturer of Video and Audio Routing,
Processing, Display, and Effects Systems, announces the IBC 2015 debut of its 5835 NXT Router and Action Control Panel.

The new 5835 Router and Action Control Panel is designed for the BrightEye NXT family of routers. It offers an LCD Thumbnail Preview so that you can see your sources before doing a Take or Mix transition. With ten programmable preset keys, the 5835 can be tailored to recall any configuration in an NXT router. The presets can recall a single parameter or the full configuration of the entire product. Source and Destination buttons give you full crosspoint control. User legends and multi-color tally provide immediate status feedback. The 1RU panel conforms to the sleek panel designs of the Ensemble Designs product family with full travel push buttons and sculpted caps.

“This control panel puts the full power of any NXT Compact Router right at the operator’s fingertips. And the customizable presets can address any operational requirement. Because it’s networked, it can be used from any connected location”. – David Wood, Chief Design Engineer, Ensemble Designs

The 1RU panel is a sleek 38 mm (1.5 inch) deep, so it fits easily into any environment. Use it wherever you need a hard surface control panel and a customized interface to suit your exact needs.

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