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IBC Debut for NXT 445 Streaming Encoder

GRASS VALLEY, CA, 1 September 2015 – Ensemble Designs, manufacturer of Video and Audio Routing, Processing, Display, and Effects Systems, is introducing the NXT 445 Streaming Encoder at IBC 2015.

A high quality, high profile, MPEG-4/H.264 Encoder, the BrightEye NXT 445 takes 3G/HD/SD SDI and delivers simultaneous IP and DVB-ASI streaming outputs. The web-enabled control port makes it easy to configure and monitor. Or use the live view front panel display and menu system for local control. The base NXT 445 also includes dual built-in TSGs, TCP, serial remote control and support for the 5835 Action Panel.

The base model NXT 445 is only the starting point. Additional functions can be added with field installable option licenses. Expand the number of inputs and outputs; add SFP ports for fiber and HDMI, and full routing with the 445K-IO license. The 445K-X license adds dual clean switching and Up/Down/Cross conversion. With the 445K-DEC license, an independent MPEG decoder is added to the product’s repertoire. The PiP-Efx license provides a flexible and configurable dual source Picture-In-Picture mode for lecture capture, corporate boardroom, or field news reporting. All of this functionality is seamlessly integrated in the NXT 445.

“The NXT 445 and the entire NXT product line is a game changer for our customers. The dramatic amount of money and space they are saving, along with the rich set of features that the NXTs offer is almost incomprehensible. Our biggest challenge has been to make people realize how much this product can actually do”. – Mondae Hott, Director of Sales, Ensemble Designs.

At only 1/3 of a rack unit, the NXT 445 offers an unprecedented level of flexibility and feature integration in a remarkably small package. This makes it a great choice for portable systems, news trucks and helicopters, remote studios, distance backhaul and more.

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