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BrightEye 83-H HDMI to 3G / HD / SD SDI Converter with HDCP

  • Guaranteed to work perfectly with your GoPro camera
  • HDMI to SDI (3G/HD/SD formats supported)
  • Use with Cameras and Other Sources that have an HDMI Output
  • Passes Embedded Audio
  • Supports HDCP Encrypted Content


Convert HDMI to 3G/HD/SD SDI with the BrightEye 83-H. The output format follows the input, faithfully preserving the input’s resolution and frame rate. Perfect for GoPro, Replay and other video cameras and sources with an HDMI output, BrightEye 83-H presents the serial digital video signal on two BNC outputs.

Signal monitoring and control is provided through the included BrightEye Mac and BrightEye PC software.