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9465 3G Sync Changeover Switch

  • 3 poles for signal testing
  • Use with 3 Gb/s and 1.5 Gb/s HD SDI, SD SDI, analog composite, AES audio, DVB–ASI, SMPTE 310M, Bi-Level Sync and Tri-Level Sync signals
  • Gang multiple 9465s and 7465s together as needed
  • Passive design
  • GPI inputs for remote manual override
  • GPI outputs to indicate signal status and switch position


The 9465 3G Sync Changeover module can be used with Avenue’s 9400 SPG module, 7400 SPG module, or with third party sync pulse generators. In the event of a failure of the primary sync source, the 9465 changes to the secondary source.

There are three poles or sections on the 9465. One pole tests for 3 Gb/s or 1.5 Gb/s HD SDI, SD SDI, ASI and SMPTE 310M signals. The other two poles test for AES audio, composite video, Bi-Level Sync and Tri-Level Sync. A drop in signal amplitude below a predetermined auto threshold will trigger the switch.

Multiple changeover switches can be ganged together through the control system. Depending on the application, two or more 9465s may be required to handle all signals that need to be protected.