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9110 3G / HD / SD / ASI Reclocking Distribution Amplifier

  • 3G/HD/SD/ASI Distribution Amplifier
  • Supports all HD, SD and ASI standards
  • Supports 3 Gb/s, level A and level B
  • Auto-senses standard definition or high definition input
  • Reclocked outputs
  • Auto EQ
  • Alarm on loss of signal
  • Passes embedded audio


The Avenue 9110 module is multi-rate serial digital distribution amplifier with automatic cable equalization and reclocking. It automatically detects and operates at 270 Mb/s for Standard Definition (525 or 625) signals and at 1.5 Gb/s or 3 Gb/s for High Definition signals. It also can be used with DVB-ASI signals. The module has one input and eight outputs. The module can be used in either the 3RU or 1RU Avenue frame.

Input signal presence and bit rate can be monitored through the Avenue Control System and it is also indicated by LED indicators on the front edge of the module. On loss of signal, the 9110 can generate an alarm that is monitored through Avenue PC.