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8500 Composite / SD Legalizer and Video Processing Frame Sync

  • Video Legalizer
  • Predictive Composite Clipper
  • Black and White clips
  • Excellent tracking of noisy inputs
  • Adaptive Comb Filter decoder, sharpness filter
  • Split Screen mode
  • Outputs are fully timeable
  • Composite, component, S-Video input
  • A to D, and D to A, all in one module
  • Full-featured TBC/Frame Synchronizer
  • Comprehensive Proc Amp controls
  • Passes embedded audio and Dolby
  • 12 bit, 8 x Oversampled analog output
  • 4x oversampled analog input
  • SD SDI (Serial Digital) input
  • Simultaneous SD SDI and analog composite outputs
  • Line-Selectable toothed blanking
  • Internal color bar generator
  • Memory Registers
  • 4- or 8-channel audio options
  • Noise Reducer option