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7410 Quad HD Tri-Level Sync Generator

  • Eight HD Tri-Level Sync outputs
  • Simultaneously outputs four different Tri-Level signals
  • Can provide 50 Hz and 60 Hz outputs simultaneously
  • Locks to two references or can be a master generator
7410front 7410rear



The 7410 Quad Tri-Level Sync Generator is for use in high definition television and post applications. Two reference inputs allow the module to lock to any two PAL, NTSC, or 10 MHz references. The 7410 can also operate as a stand-alone master generator.

Each of the four outputs is independent and can be set to output a different Tri-Level Sync signal. The timing of each generator can be set independently. A variety of user-selectable formats are supported including: 1080i, 720p, 1080p and 1080sF. The 7410 is well suited for facilities that need the flexibility of having simultaneous 720 and 1080 Tri-Level Sync outputs.

Use this module in conjunction with the 7400 SPG/TSG for a complete reference solution.