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7160 Serial Digital Protection DA

  • Use for critical paths in broadcast and transmission to ensure staying on-air incase of primary signal fault
  • Two serial digital inputs, four serial digital outputs
  • Accepts SD and HD SDI inputs
  • Detects TRS, CRCs, EDH, Black, Silence and Freeze
  • Embedded audio detection
  • Passes embedded audio
  • Alarm generation
  • Remote control and monitoring


The 7160 Serial Digital Protection DA module is a fail-safe bypass protection switch for monitoring and switching critical SD and HD paths in broadcast and satellite applications. When a fault is detected in the Primary input, the switch will activate, causing the Secondary (backup) input to be switched to the module’s distributed outputs. The switch can operate in two modes; automatic or nonresetting.

The 7160 monitors the integrity of the Primary serial digital input stream and analyzes the audio and video content. Signal health and fault detection is determined by monitoring any or all of the following parameters: Closed Caption Data, Timing Reference Signal (TRS), Black, Embedded Audio, Error Detection and Handling (EDH), CRCs, and Freeze.

A sophisticated Black detection system is employed to activate the switch in the event signal is lost. It allows the user to select not only the threshold and percentage of non-black pixels, but also the portion of the picture to be considered.

The Freeze detection system can be set to detect a clean or noisy source. Freeze Time sets the number of seconds for the 7160 to switch to the secondary input after a video freeze condition is detected in the primary input.