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6600 Series Analog Audio DAs and Frame Models 6601, 6601R and Frame 6600

  • High performance analog audio distribution amplifiers
  • 8 mono outputs or 4 stereo outputs, jumper selectable
  • Remote Gain Control available from rear of each module
  • 2RU frame with plugable terminal strip connectors
  • Optional redundant power


The 6601 module is a high performance audio distribution amplifier for the broadcast and recording industry. Exceptional performance features include excellent response, noise and distortion specifications.

The 6601R module has all the capability of the 6601 plus selectable remote gain control. The amplifier offers a ±20 dB remotely controlled audio gain, which is selectable to either remote or local.

Both DA modules can be configured as mono or stereo with 8 balanced outputs (mono) or 4 balanced outputs per channel (stereo). Mode selected with a jumper on the module.

Up to twelve 6601 or 6601R audio amplifiers can be mounted in the 2RU Avenue 6600 frame. The 6600 frame is dedicated to audio distribution and pluggable terminal strips are standard on every frame. There is no need for rear modules or special adapters. Redundant power is an option. Power supplies are accessed from the front of the frame. This is a simple device and it does not tie into the Avenue control system.