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5385 Analog Composite to Digital Converter

  • Converts composite to serial digital component
  • Four serial digital outputs
  • 12 bit processing, 4 x oversampling
  • Complete proc amp adjustments
  • Adaptive comb filtering
  • Memory registers
  • Auto-senses PAL/NTSC
  • Local and remote control
5385front 5385rear


The 5385 module converts analog composite video to serial digital component. Its 12 bit processing and 4 x oversampling ensure clean signals that can be used in the most demanding applications.

The analog input is digitally decoded with sophisticated filtering to cleanly separate Chroma and luminance content. The user selectable adaptive comb filter can be set to 3 line or 5 line mode. Complete proc controls provide adjustment for video, Chroma, setup and hue. The SDI output is synchronous with respect to the analog video input.

Module parameters can be monitored and controlled both locally and remotely. Remote control is accessed with an Avenue Control Panel or through Avenue PC Software.