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5350 & 5355 Four Channel Analog to Digital Video Converters

  • Four channels of conversion on one module
  • Four analog inputs, four SDI outputs
  • 12 bit processing, 4 x oversampling
  • PAL/NTSC auto detect
  • Adaptive comb filter
  • Proc amp
  • 5350 has TBC/Frame Sync, independently timeable outputs
  • 5350 accepts noisy inputs
  • 5350 has an internal color bar generator
5350front 5350rear


The Avenue 5350 and 5355 modules are four channel analog composite to serial digital video converters. Use these modules with routers, switchers, remote trucks or any application that requires many channels of high quality conversion.

12 bit analog to digital conversion, digital decoding of the composite input, and adaptive comb filtering ensure superior output signals. Proc amp functions allow adjustment of video, Chroma, setup and hue.

5350 also has a genlock reference input and a TBC/Frame Sync for each of the four conversion channels. The 5350 can accept noisy inputs and is well suited for feeds from remote trucks and satellite receivers. Additionally, the 5350’s outputs are independently timeable.