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5120 & 5125 Dual Digital Video Distribution Amplifiers

  • Two channels of distribution per module
  • Two independent sets of four outputs
  • Use with SD SDI, ASI and 310M signals
  • EQ warning circuit
  • User definable alarms
  • 5125 provides reclocking and jitter reduction
  • Local and remote control of module settings
  • Supports 143, 177, 270 and 360 Mb/s
  • Passes embedded audio
  • 6 DAs in a 1RU Avenue frame
  • 20 DAs in a 3RU Avenue frame
5120front 5120rear 5125front 5125rear


The 5120 Dual Serial DA Module is a two channel digital video distribution amplifier with four outputs per channel. The 5125 is a Reclocking Dual Serial DA Module. Both modules offer cost-effective distribution as each does double duty.

The 5120 is a nonprocessing DA with cable equalization and signal detection.

The 5125 reclocks the serial data stream, thereby improving jitter performance of the outputs where the input has jitter.

Both the 5120 and 5125 can be used to distribute any of the following data rates: 143 Mb/s, 177 Mb/s, 270 Mb/s, and 360 Mb/s. Both DA modules can be controlled through an Avenue Control panels and through Avenue PC.