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4110 ASI Distribution Amplifier

  • Eight outputs
  • Data rates from19.39 Mb/s to 270 Mb/s
  • Use with DVB-ASI
  • SMPTE 310M signals
  • Use with encoders, servers and other ASI compliant equipment
  • Signal presence detection
  • Local and remote monitoring
4110front 4110rear


The 4110 module is an ASI and SMPTE 310M distribution amplifier that handles data rates from 19.39 Mb/s to 270 Mb/s. Use the 4110 for distributing MPEG and ASI signals in your facility. Perfect for use with encoders, servers, and routers.

This module can be monitored locally and remotely. The remote control system is accessed using an Avenue Touch Screen, Avenue PC or your web browser. Modules can be updated with new software as new formats are supported. Software is updated with Avenue’s built-in networking capability. Signal status can be monitored via an Avenue Control Panel, and Avenue PC Control Software.