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The event business is very unique. Nowhere else in the industry do you have the variety of formats, the diversity of requirements, and the time pressures to get up and running as are present creating events. Many leading edge technologies and formats are embraced first in the event business, well before they are seen elsewhere in the industry.

Think about it. Computers are generating large, often times exotic aspect ratio images and graphics. Video generated on-site needs to be sent as an IMAG to the screen, archived for future use, sent out live via the web and maybe satellite simultaneously. Resolutions are all over the place – and clients are running in with request like “Can you use this flash file for my presentation”. On stage computers have to be integrated, down stage monitoring and teleprompting have to be dealt with, and editing has to be accomplished on-site and very quickly. Getting signals to projectors require long cable runs often times through rafters or lighting trusses. It’s a complex and challenging business.

Fortunately, Ensemble Designs has the equipment to help you get the job done fast. Scan conversion, embedding/disembedding, muxing, mixing, routing, distribution, up/down/cross conversion, and fiber optic conversion just to name a few. All of our solutions are designed by engineers familiar with the demands of on-site production. Our products are very rugged, with a five year hardware warranty and software updates for life. We know what it means to be under the gun and we produce a tool box of equipment to solve problems, not contribute to them. In addition, our user interfaces have earned rave reviews for the ease of operation and well thought out design.

Check out our product lines. You’ll find solutions to make you a hero.