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Updating Firmware with BrightEye Mac

The 1.0.1 release of BrightEye Mac added a critical feature—the ability to update BrightEye unit firmware in the field.

There is an important limitation to this ability, however. BrightEye firmware programming requires BrightEye’s with Kernel software version 1.0.4 or higher. Unfortunately, the kernel software cannot be updated in the field (by a Mac, or a PC).

To determine if a BrightEye unit can be programmed in the field with BrightEye Mac, select the desired unit, and click the “BE Info” button in the window tool-bar. A note at the bottom of the “Info” window will tell you if the unit can be updated with BrightEye Mac.

If the unit in question cannot be updated from a Macintosh, you can update it with a Windows PC.