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Avenue PC Support


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    Downloading Avenue PC requires an Avenue PC serial number.
  • Avenue PC Manual

    Support Bulletins

    Support for new 5400 module

    15 August 2001

    Avenue PC version 1.4.5 and higher is required to be used with the 5400 module.

    Software Download Process Note

    19 January 2001

    It is best if you keep Avenet traffic to a minimum while you are downloading new software to modules. This means that all touch screens should be on the home page so that they are not getting status from modules during the download.

    Multi Lingual OS support

    10 November 1999

    A new version of Avenue PC (1.3.2) has been released that supports other Language OS systems. It has been specifically tested with Japanese Windows 98.

    Ethernet Now Supported

    22 October 1999

    With version 1.2.0, the Avenue frame and network can be connected to the Avenue PC application through ethernet. This gives you the choice of connecting your PC to Avenue via ethernet or through a dedicated serial connection. This version only supports one connection, but a future release will support multiple connections to the same frame. Avenue PC version 1.2.0 or better is required to take advantage of this feature.

    Installation Note

    22 October 1999

    Versions of Avenue PC 1.3.0 or newer uses a new installation program, and previous versions should be manually uninstalled prior to installation. It does not work well to have more than one version of Avenue PC installed simultaneously.