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Brand Your Stream: Add Logos and Animations with BrightEye NXT

  • Store multiple logos for instant recall
  • Supports still and animated logos
  • Configure and control from web browser
  • Free software upgrade for current NXT owners


Easily add branding to any output with the new logo inserter feature for NXT Routers.

Logo Inserter feature included in these BrightEye NXT models:

NXT 450 Router, H.264 Encoder/Decoder & U/D/C
NXT 445 Streaming Encoder with License Options
NXT 430-X Clean Compact Router with U/D/C
NXT 410-H Clean HDMI Router with HDCP & U/D/C

The New Logo Insertion feature is integrated with the existing Clean Switch feature

Easy Control from Web Interface

Everything you need is at your fingertips. Preview, Select, Cut & Mix your logos and animations.