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BrightEye NXT 910 4 Channel HDMI/SDI Frame Sync with HDCP

  • Amazing Features – And Amazingly Compact
  • Web Interface with Video Proxies
  • Automatic Format and Frame Rate Conversion
  • From SD to 3G, and Everything In-between
  • Video Proc Amp and Color Correction
  • Audio Channel Swap and Level Adjust
  • SFP ports for HDMI, Fiber, Composite, or additional SDI I/Os
  • HDMI and HDCP Support
  • Front Panel Live Monitor
  • Monitor Pre- and Post-Processed Signals


The new BrightEye NXT 910 HDMI/SDI Frame Synchronizer is perfect solution for Blu-Ray players, satellite receivers, GoPro’s and other HDMI devices. The NXT 910 packs tons of features in a tiny package, including Frame Synchronization and Format Conversion, with 16 channels of embedded Audio. The NXT 910 has four independent frame synchronizers. Each supports automatic input format detection and conversion to desired output format. Adjust video and chroma gains with the built-in Proc Amp. Color Correct to compensate for input material or to match projectors and monitors. Adjust levels and swap/mix channels in Embedded Audio. Even embedded surround sound (Dolby, AC-3) is synchronized from input to output.

Control the Frame Syncs and monitor each channel’s input and output from the front panel, or through the interactive Web interface. Rackmount three NXT 910s in a single RU for the ultimate processing density.