Operational manuals for all Avenue Products

Software and Firmware Downloads

Get the latest software for your Avenue Frames and Modules. Avenue product serial number required.

Avenue PC Download

Get the latest Avenue PC. Requires Avenue PC serial number.

SNMP Resources

Documentation for controlling and monitoring Avenue systems via SNMP.

Other Downloads

9950 3G Up/Down/Cross Converter and Frame Sync Data Sheet

29 Sep 2014

Avenue Simulator ReadMe

24 Oct 2013

*Read this file on how to view simulated Avenue Modules.

AvenuePC Simulator files

29 May 2013
  • This file can be used to look at all the Ensemble Avenue Product
    line and the menus that are associated with them. Please read
    the Simulator read me file for instructions on how to view them.

Logo Converter - Macintosh 2.0.1

06 Dec 2017
  • 4K Logos no longer have faint lines at quad edges.
  • Ability to set a poster frame for logo animations.
  • Fixed some errors related to background preview images.

Logo Converter - Windows 2.0.1

06 Dec 2017
  • 4K Logos no longer have faint lines at quad edges.
  • Ability to set a poster frame for logo animations.
  • Fixed some errors related to background preview images.

Multiviewer 256 Source App Note

24 Sep 2014

BIM and dwg files for system designers - Avenue frames

08 Jan 2013

BIM and dwg files for system designers - sample of BrightEye units

08 Jan 2013

CALM Act, Dialnorm and Audio Loudness Whitepaper

26 Apr 2012

Test Pattern Generator Operators Manual

10 Sep 2014

Test Pattern Generator Software 2.1.4

09 Dec 2016
  • For use with Avenue 7400/9400 and BrightEye 57 test signal generators.
  • Added support for audio files with custom patterns.
  • Adds support for VPID in RGB444 formats in 1080sf.

Support Articles

BrightEye NXT 400-Series Release Notes - 6 December 2017

New features and improvements in BrightEye NXT 400 Series Routers. Includes the BrightEye NXT 410, 410-H, 415, 430, 430-X, 445, and 450.


Five-Year Warranty - 22 July 2016


RTMP Configuration for Wowza Streaming Engine - 25 February 2016

How to use your BrightEye NXT 445 or 450 with Wowza Streaming Engine.


RTMP Configuration for BrightEye NXT 445, 450 - 28 January 2016

Configuration guide for using your BrightEye NXT 445 or 450 with popular RTMP services.


BrightEye Mac and PC Version History - 8 January 2015


BrightEye PC and BrightEye Mac Requirements - 1 May 2014

Software and hardware requirements for BrightEye control software.


Chroma - 25 January 2012


Checkfield - 25 January 2012


Color Difference - 25 January 2012


Composite - 25 January 2012


Component - 25 January 2012


CAV - 25 January 2012


Blanking - 25 January 2012


Bit - 25 January 2012


Beta - 25 January 2012


Bandwidth - 25 January 2012


Aspect Ratio - 25 January 2012


ASI - 25 January 2012


AES/EBU - 25 January 2012


AFD - 25 January 2012


3G - 25 January 2012


Contact Support - 5 October 2011


Avenue 7400 Module Firmware Release History - 30 November 2009


!SECTION - Support - 14 March 2009


Avenue SNMP - 28 January 2009


Avenue PC Software - 28 January 2009


Avenue Manuals - 28 January 2009


BrightEye Manuals - 28 January 2009


Avenue Software - 28 January 2009


BrightEye Software - 28 January 2009


Glossary - 4 November 2008


Updating Firmware with BrightEye Mac - 18 February 2008

Important note about updating BrightEye firmware with the BrightEye Mac software.


IRIX Operating System Support - 3 January 2008

Carbon requires IRIX 6.5 or newer. Previous versions of IRIX can not be supported, due to software inconsistencies in the video device drivers.

Avenue PC Requirements - 13 December 2007

Hardware and software requirements for running Avenue PC.


Avenue Module Firmware Upgrade Requirements - 13 December 2007

You will need a 5030 or 5035 control module in the frame. Your PC can be connected directly to the Avenue frame your are working with, or to one of the other Avenue frames on the AveNet network. From this site, download the module software you want. Run Avenue PC and use it to upload the new software into the module.

Configuring an Avenue Module without the Control Module - 13 December 2007

Switch the local/remote switch on the front edge of the module to local. Now the module use’s the settings that are set through the dip switches on front edge of the module.

Touch Screen Calibration - 13 December 2007

After installing a new 5030 control module into a 3RU Frame with a touch screen it is necessary to recalibrate the touch screen. Go to the Configuration menu, then to the Touch Screen Calibration menu, press on the targets, then press Done.

Support for new 5400 module - 15 August 2001

Avenue PC version 1.4.5 and higher is required to be used with the 5400 module.

Software Download Process Note - 19 January 2001

It is best if you keep Avenet traffic to a minimum while you are downloading new software to modules. This means that all touch screens should be on the home page so that they are not getting status from modules during the download.

Refer to DS-1 Support Page - 3 January 2001

Because the Catalyst is built with core MultiBuffer DS-1 components, visit the MultiBuffer DS-1 support page

Envoy for Macintosh, Requirements - 22 November 1999


Troubleshooting Envoy on Macintosh - 22 November 1999

Solutions to common problems.


Multi Lingual OS support - 10 November 1999

A new version of Avenue PC (1.3.2) has been released that supports other Language OS systems. It has been specifically tested with Japanese Windows 98.

H-Phase on Serial Box 3 - 22 October 1999

How to adjust the H-phase on the Serial Box 3 converter.


Ethernet Now Supported - 22 October 1999

With version 1.2.0, the Avenue frame and network can be connected to the Avenue PC application through ethernet. This gives you the choice of connecting your PC to Avenue via ethernet or through a dedicated serial connection. This version only supports one connection, but a future release will support multiple connections to the same frame. Avenue PC version 1.2.0 or better is required to take advantage of this feature.

Installation Note - 22 October 1999

Versions of Avenue PC 1.3.0 or newer uses a new installation program, and previous versions should be manually uninstalled prior to installation. It does not work well to have more than one version of Avenue PC installed simultaneously.

Fixing TC400D and CP10 Lan Problems - 3 June 1999

Guidelines for connection your CP10’s and TC400D’s.


CP10 and TC400 Software Version - 3 January 1999

For reliable operation, make sure that the software version of your CP10 matches the software versions of the TC400’s it is controlling.

The most recent TBC Control Software version is 2.4.2

See the TC400D support page for more information.

MultiBuffer DS-1 FAQ - 3 January 1999

Answers to frequently asked questions.


TC400D Current Software Version - 3 January 1999

The current firmware version of the TC400D is: 2.4.5

Wrong Machine Type - 3 January 1999

The most common problem with the TC400D is that the Machine Type is set incorrectly. For example, you have a Sony PVW2800 connected to Channel 1 and in Channel 1’s menu the Machine Type is set to Sony D2 or something other than Sony. Be sure and double check that the Machine Type is correct.

Machine Compatibility - 3 January 1999

The TC400D controls many different manufactures of tape machines and timebase correctors; Sony, Panasonic, Microtime, JVC, etc…. almost all types. The TC400D also interfaces to the most edit controllers.

Catalyst CV Current Software Version - 3 January 1999

The current software version of the Catalyst CV is