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Express Control Panel

  • Elegant control for Avenue proc amps, frame syncs and up/down/cross converters
  • Control all parameters of all Avenue modules
  • Dedicated knobs for video, chroma, pedestal, hue
  • Adjust audio levels for multiple groups
  • Easily adjust video levels, timing, audio delay and other parameters
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Compact 1RU design
  • Easy to install
  • User Levels for security
  • Module lockout for critical paths
  • Use any combination of Express Panels, Touch Screens and PCs for control and monitoring
  • Ethernet connectivity


The Express Control Panel is excellent for use in satellite receiving, ingest areas and remote trucks.

While it can be used with any Avenue module, the Express Panel really shines when used with Video Processing Frame Syncs and Up/Down/Cross Converters. With dedicated video, chroma, pedestal and hue knobs, live shading is easy. The continuous rotation, velocity-sensitive knobs are responsive and dependable. Audio levels for multiple groups are easily accessed as well. All other parameters, including timing and audio delay, are accessed through an intuitive menu interface.

One Express Panel can control every module in your Avenue system. Alternately, you can have as many Express Panels and Touch Screen Control Panels as you like in your Avenue system. Customize the control system for your needs. Remote control is provided through a series of menus for system configuration and for setting parameters for each module installed in the frames. These menus allow you to set AveNet and IP addresses, enable AveNet Over IP (AVIP), name and monitor modules, frames and groups of frames, and set module parameters in the system.