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7610 8 Channel Audio Processor Sub Module for the 7900 Series (without AES I/O)


Audio Processing

The 7610 is an eight-channel sub module for use with the Avenue 7900 Series Up/Down/Cross Converters. It provides processing for signals with embedded audio. No audio I/O is provided. Audio is disembedded, delayed and then reembedded into the video stream. All audio processing is performed at full 24 bit resolution by a digital signal processor (DSP).

Lip Sync Preservation

The 7610 has been designed to provide superior handling of embedded audio. The disembedder on the input side follows the timing of the video input, even if that input is asynchronous to the house reference. The embedder on the output side is synchronous to house. This allows embedded audio to be safely bypassed around the video framestore with lip sync properly preserved.