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6040 Tracking Audio Delay

  • Adjustable fixed delay plus tracking dynamic delay
  • Track video synchronizer modules
  • Selectable AES or analog input
  • Simultaneous AES and analog outputs
  • Use as AES/analog or analog/AES converter
  • 75 ohm and 110 ohm support
  • 24 bit processing
6040front 6040rear


The 6040 Tracking Audio Delay module provides both fixed and variable delay to ensure proper synchronization between picture and sound. Ideal for incoming satellite feeds and studio signals, the 6040 provides an elegant solution for lip sync issues. Its 24 bit digital signal processing ensures perfect fidelity.

The 6040 can track one or more of the video synchronizer modules in the Avenue system and respond when a frame is dropped or repeated to provide accurate audio tracking. The 6040 has two delay settings: a fixed delay, adjustable up to one second, and dynamic tracking delay that “shrinks” or “stretches” the audio as required.

Avenue’s sophisticated control system makes it easy to tie multiple modules in the system together for automatic tracking. The 6040 module can be tied to one or more of the Avenue video synchronizer modules. Avenue’s Control Panel and Avenue PC provide complete handles over all of the module parameters.

Alternately, consider built-in audio delay in the 5230/6230, 5330/6330, 7550 series, 8500 series, and 7900 series.