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6010 Four Channel 24-bit Audio ADC

  • Four high impedance balanced analog inputs
  • Two AES outputs (four copies of each)
  • Selectable external AES reference or on-board crystal oscillator
  • Gain trims on all four analog inputs
  • Switch selectable digital reference level
  • 24 bit processing
  • Local or remote control of all module settings
6010front 6010rear


The 6010 module converts four channels of analog audio to two AES digital audio streams. Analog to digital conversion is performed with 24 bit precision for outstanding sonic performance. Use the 6010 to convert the audio outputs of your existing analog VTRs or any other high quality analog audio source. Like all modules in the Avenue series, the 6010 may be controlled either locally or remotely. Alternately, consider using the 5330/6330 and 8500 series.

Four high impedance balanced analog inputs are provided on a high density 15-pin D connector. Two AES outputs (four copies of each) are provided on BNC connectors. The module has a built-in 48 kHz crystal-controlled sample rate clock, or it may be locked to an external AES3id reference. An LED is provided on the front of the module to indicate the presence of a valid external reference.

Four additional LEDs illuminate when the analog input signals reach reference digital output level. A dip switch allows reference digital output level to be set to -16, -18, or -20 dBFS. A rotary control is provided to set the gain of the analog input stages. All local controls and status indicators are available via the Avenue remote control system.