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5230 & 6230 Digital to Analog Video Converter and Disembedder

  • Component or composite or Y/C (S-Video) outputs
  • 12 bit conversion
  • 8:8:8 video reconstruction with 8 x oversampling
  • Proc Amp adjustments and SC/H timing controls
  • Line selectable toothed blanking
  • Clips and Chroma limiting
  • Composite legalizer
  • Generates color bars
  • Memory registers
  • Genlock/Frame sync
  • Automatic 525/625 switching
  • Optional sub module for disembedding, audio shuffling and adjusting levels
  • 110 Ω option available
5230front 5230rear


The 5230 converts serial digital component video into either composite or component analog outputs. Its 8 x oversampling and 12 bit processing ensure high quality conversion for use in the most demanding applications.

The 5230 has a full-featured Proc Amp for adjustment of every signal parameter. Proc controls include Video and Chroma Gain, NTSC-style hue rotation, Black Balance, and pedestal. Module parameters can be monitored and controlled locally and remotely.

The 5230 provides fully adjustable output timing relative to the reference input signal. Composite outputs can be precisely color timed and will also track color framing of the reference signal. Incorporating a full-frame synchronizer, the 5230 accepts serial inputs that are asynchronous to the reference. On loss of input, the output can mute to black or freeze on the last good frame of video.

The 6230 is an optional sub module for converting AES inputs or embedded audio content to analog. There is a four channel audio mixer for level controls, audio shuffling, and phase inversion. The 6230 also has automatic tracking delay and bulk delay to keep lip sync correct.