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BrightEye Compact Coverters, Embedders and Test Signal Generators

The BrightEye™ line of compact converters from Ensemble Designs takes advantage of the newest technology to bring you the best video and audio converters. With over 60 different BrightEyes to choose from, you’ll find the right unit for your video processing needs. The BrightEye line offers solutions for video routing, scan conversion, streaming, audio embedding, reference generation, video conversion, HDCP and more.

These self-contained converters interface to a full range of video formats: 3G, HD and SD SDI, analog component, analog composite, and Y/C (S-Video). Analog audio and AES digital audio converters and embedders round out the BrightEye family. HDMI and fiber optic I/O choices let you integrate any type of signal.

BrightEye converters are the flexible and cost-effective answer to any conversion requirement. BrightEye’s easy configuration interface and signal status indicators make it simple to install and troubleshoot a system. Their compact size lets you put conversion right where it’s needed: at a camera, in a remote truck, or at a projector. The new family of BrightEye NXT Compact Routers provides clean quiet switching of video and audio sources and has both an exclusive front panel LCD that displays realtime full motion video of your router sources and an intuitive web interface that provides complete control from your iPhone, tablet or computer.

Powerful and Palm-sized

BrightEye may offer the world’s smallest Time Base Corrector/Frame Synchronizer, but the features, specifications, and performance are far from tiny. All analog I/O is performed at 12 bits of resolution. Composite decoding incorporates sophisticated comb filters, and all internal processing meets or exceeds SMPTE television broadcast specifications. BrightEye converters provide superb video quality where fine detail and subtle shading are faithfully reproduced.

You can install 3 to 6 BrightEye converters with the optional rack mount kit. 6 single high units or 3 double high units fit in just 1RU.

Fiber Optic Interfaces

When distances take you beyond the reach of ordinary copper cable, look to BrightEye’s fiber optic interfaces. BrightEye’s handle both ends of a fiber optic link. Their optical interfaces operate at a range of popular wavelengths including 1310 nm and 1550 nm. BrightEye has been designed without internal fiber pigtails, so all optical converters support both multi and single mode fiber. BrightEye’s fiber interconnect carries the same digital bitstream that makes up the electrical SDI interface. Data is carried by pulses of light rather than pulses of electricity. This rugged transmission system can carry serial digital signals with no loss or degradation for twenty kilometers or more on single mode fiber.

Coax + Fiber Cables Electrical and optical connectors for digital audio and video

Control That’s Easy-to-use

Front Panel Convenience

BrightEye devices have clearly labeled front panel controls, which allow you to choose output formats and other settings, quickly and easily without futzing with DIP switches.

BrightEye Mac and PC Software

For more advanced controls, you can use the included BrightEye Mac or PC software. Adjust video levels, output timing and mix audio channels are easy with the BrightEye control software. BrightEye Mac or PC connect using USB, and can control multiple BrightEye units with one computer. Additionally, you can use it to upgrade BrightEye units as new software versions become available. BrightEye Mac and PC software are included with each unit at no charge.

BrightEye NXT Routers also have a built-in web-browser user interface that allows control and set-up from virtually anywhere via any web browser enabled device. In addition, they can be externally controlled through either TCP/IP or DB9 connector under automation control.

Download the full BrightEye Catalog (10 MB)